The Why

AwayZone was created in 2017 to address three problems:

The LACK of AWARENESS and ACCESS to customers that actually understand and will support culturally-focused businesses
A consumer's ABILITY TO LOCATE and ENGAGE WITH businesses that meet THEIR culturally specific expectations
The LIMITED CULTURAL FOCUS and ALGORITHMIC BIAS in current resource matching platforms

The Team

Matt Metcalf, MBA
Senior Technologist

I started AwayZone Inc. to solve a problem I faced every time I traveled and was unfamiliar with the new city I was in. I would always ask myself, "where is MY stuff?" Yelp and Google weren't cutting it so, I decided to start a platform that spoke specifically to people who were looking for THEIR culturally specific people, places and things.

Kathy Kinder
Lisa Scott, MBA
Senior Executive
LaToya Johnson, MPH
AwayZone Inc. Founder & CEO
Kelli Jones, JD
Public Relations


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